Meet the Characters in Charisse by Fay Lamb with Author Interview

August 14, 2013

Charisse-Cover-FRONT-FINAL-4-192x300Charisse is an awesome story with great characters. Spiritual lessons abound in this book of life, love, loss, hope, and forgiveness, while well-woven word pictures clearly show the settings and actions of the people in this book. This sweet contemporary romance flows naturally and is a heartwarming book romance readers everywhere will enjoy.

Readers (particularly women) immediately connect with Charisse Wellman and her adorable son. As she struggles to maintain her home and provide for her son, she finds herself in a most perplexing circumstance: remain unemployed and risk being homeless and hungry or accept a position with a person for whom she’s harbored bitterness and anger for some time.

“V. J.” (Vance, Jr.), a lovable seven-year-old missed his daddy terribly, even after he’d been gone a whole year. V. J.’s friendship with Cletus was instant, as was his affection for Cletus’s master, and the connections seemed to begin to bring V. J. out of his grief.

Libby Overstreet and Charisse have been best friends since high school. They worked together planning the high school reunion and confided in each other about the struggles in their lives. A twist involving Libby toward the end of the story will have you giggling.

Gideon Tabor never married. A man of character and integrity, his heart belonged to the girl he’d loved in high school. Trouble was he’d never told her. Their friendship had ended on a sour note. Then he’d made a legal decision, as a judge in criminal court that unbeknownst to him had deepened her wound. Gideon’s has a plan to reveal his true feelings in a most unusual place. Will he be able to pull it off without blowing his chances at realizing his dream?

Judge Delilah James, tactless and self-assertive, coveted Gideon Tabor’s affection. However, he wanted no personal relationship with Delilah and had every right to banish her from his life. But he didn’t, consequently inviting trouble into his plans to reconnect with the love of his life. Why did he continue to tolerate her shenanigans, and will Gideon connect with this mysterious person at the high school reunion, or will Delilah sabotage his plans?

Fay Lamb author picAuthor Fay Lamb was very kind to answer a few questions I thought you might enjoy:
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