Meet the Characters in As We Forgive by June Foster

This is a lovely story showing how, as Christians, we have our own issues we face every day. Everything is not always as “perfect” as we’d like it to be, or as we’d like others to perceive. We all have faults and make mistakes—even ministers. But, we have a God who’s willing to forgive  and help us get over the hurdles, once we turn our battles over to Him.

 Meet the characters:

 Tim Garrett – Youth pastor of Bellewood Fellowship has a huge problem with anger. One of the teens in his youth group seems to be bent on inciting that anger in him at every opportunity. Tim’s desire to develop a relationship with his beautiful volunteer is hindered by his sense of alarm—would his anger issues drive her away, too?

 Roxanne Ratner— The new Christian who’s recently joined Bellewood Fellowship is obsessed with her image. She volunteered to coordinate a fund-raiser, a makeover event with the teen girls, an activity that was right up her alley.  After she learns of the youth pastor’s past, a question haunts her: How could a God-called man minister if he’s guilty of losing his temper? And how could she trust him to not lose his temper with her?

 Johnny Thompson—The student in Tim Garrett’s youth group who seems intent on antagonizing him. What is behind all the pranks and opposition? What is to get attention, or something much deeper?

 Jess and Holly Colton—The couple we met in June Foster’s first Bellewood Series book, Give Us This Day,” are Tim’s best friends. In this story, the tables are turned, and Tim goes to Jess for counsel. Jess’ love and understanding are manifested in care and prayer for the young youth pastor.

 Pastor Downing—The senior pastor of Bellewood Fellowship has something in his past he wishes no one would find out. Can it remain in his past, or will the events surrounding this story force it out in the open?  And if the board and the congregation find out, what will happen to him?

 Jack Thompson—Johnny’s father is the head of the finance committee of Bellewood Fellowship. He also seems to have some animosity toward Tim Garrett. What is behind that?

 Janelle Moore— Tim’s sister has nothing to say to him. But she has plenty to say to the pastor of Bellewood Fellowship. Is it sibling rivalry or something else that has her trying to discredit her brother?

 Rena Telles—Rena is Tim’s ex-fiance whom he met through his sister while she was attending the same university as Janelle. The version of Tim and Rena’s break-up that she tells Janelle has snowballing consequences.

June Foster is a retired teacher who travels full time with her husband in their RV.  She has three novels out now from Desert Breeze Publishing: Give Us This Day, the first of the Bellewood Series books,  Hometown Fourth of July and As We Forgive, the second Bellewood Series book.  Her novel Ryan’s Father will release from WhiteFire Publishing in January 2014. June’s books are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3 Responses to Meet the Characters in As We Forgive by June Foster

  1. June Foster says:

    Pat, I love your review – your focus on the characters informs the readers what As We Forgive is all about. Thank you. June

    • Pat Dyer says:

      My pleasure. I really enjoyed reading your book! I’d love to be a beta reader for “Ryan” as well, when the time comes.

  2. Hey Pat,
    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award in my latest blog post. Your turn to pass it on! 🙂

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