Meeting Amazing People on Social Media Sites


Social networking has brought people into my life with whom I’d never dreamed I’d become acquainted. Granted, it’s not the same thing as face-to-face meeting. Nor is it likely that we’ll become bosom buddies. But—it has allowed this introvert to broaden her horizons and make some very interesting and talented acquaintances. I’ve become “friends” with hundreds of very talented Christian writers with whom I love to communicate.

A few weeks ago, I received a Twitter request from a gentleman in Littleton, Colorado.  As usual, I checked out his profile and decided to “follow” him. This is good. I like artsy types, having a wee bit of creativity in me.  Then I got a message saying he’d give me a great deal on a sketch from a photograph. Okay. Sounds good. So I found a good snapshot of hubby and sent it to him.

I was so impressed, I wanted to share it with you. His name is Frank Pryor, and I hope you’ll check out his website: and see more examples of  his awesome work. He does such a wonderful job on the sketches, I can only imagine the portraits are truly amazing. A sketch, caricature, or portrait would make an amazing gift for a loved one or friend. (If you mention that I referred you, he’ll give you a 30% discount. How cool is that?)

2 Responses to Meeting Amazing People on Social Media Sites

  1. Jan Thurber says:

    Pat, that is a truly wonderful and accurate pic of Duke. God has blessed that man with a truly amazing gift. He captured Duke’s face like a mirror.


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