Book Review: Saving Hope by Margaret Daley

Author Margaret Daley is a prolific writer, having written more than seventy-five books and has won many awards including the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Book of the Year, Golden Quill, and Inspirational Reader’s Choice awards. She is the current president of American Christian Fiction Writers. Before she retired, Margaret taught special needs children and volunteered with the Special Olympics. She is active in her church and her community.

Book Review

When one of Beacon of Hope School’s students and the school van disappear, Kate Winslow knows something is very wrong. Rose would never go back to the life she’d left. After a young woman is found dead and the school’s white van is found abandoned, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan of the Child Rescue Task Force is called in. If the dead girl wasn’t Rose, what happened to her? And why did she leave the school in the middle of the night?

Leads to the disappearance of Rose turn up dead ends. When more bodies are found, and the urgency of the case escalates. Meanwhile, Wyatt is getting too close and his mother and rebellious daughter are targeted by the prostitution ring.  Will the Texas Ranger be able to stop them in time?

 The author portrays realistic characters facing believable situations in a suspenseful story that will grab your emotions and keep you reading. The story is perfectly paced with lots of action and a thread of romance.

 Ms. Daley utilizes her gift of storytelling in Book #1 of her Men of the Texas Rangers series to make people aware of a growing  atrocity,  not only in other countries, but right here in the USA. This romantic suspense fiction book calls attention the fact that human trafficking can affect not only someone else’s child far away, but the child next door—or yours.  If you’ve ever been under the impression, as I was, that prostitution is a lifestyle that is chosen, or at least girls turned to it as a last resort for survival or to support their drug habit, you need to read this book. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or friends with children, it is a must read.

Margaret Daley’s books are available at, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. If you’d like to learn more about Margaret and her works, please visit her blog at

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