Nurturing the Seedlings

In an earlier post, I talked about planting seeds.  I watched as the spinach, squash, tomato, cucumber and chive sprouts seemed to leap out of the soil within days. I was so excited! We’d talked about planting a garden since last summer. Now here it was, the beginnings of the fruit of our labor.

Daily, I checked on them, making sure that they had enough water, sunshine, and no exposure to extreme cold. Remember, it is February.  Now, my little garden has many new plants. And these plants are very tender. They wouldn’t fare well in an environment of harsh winds, extreme heat, drought, or mistreatment.

Reminds me of a new Christian. They are tender, vulnerable little plants, babes, if you will.  Yes, God is the One germinated those seeds someone planted in them. God is the One who saved them, and God is the One who will keep them. But just as we nurture our little vegetable plants toward being strong, healthy, and fruit bearing, God expects us to care for new Christians, to help them to grow, to strengthen, to mature, and become fruitful.

Babes in Christ will associate with the convictions and values of those observed during the beginning of their walk with the Lord. They will be watching us and listening to us. They will model our behaviors, so we need to make sure that we represent Jesus in the most positive and accurate light. New Christians must be made aware of what it means to follow Christ.

We wouldn’t leave a newborn baby unattended without food, shelter, security. New believers simply cannot be thrust out into the world to flounder on their own unprepared and be expected to grow into mature Christians on their own. We need to do more than smile and shake their hand on Sunday morning. We need to call them and tell them how happy we are that they have become “one of us.”  We need to  pray for them, they need to see us pray and seek God’s will. We need to visit them and invite them into our home. We need to teach them. We need to show them that we care.

One Response to Nurturing the Seedlings

  1. lindaogborn says:

    Loved this post – good comparison! I remember being a new Christian and you put your money where your mouth is. So did Fay and others. I may struggle with ‘things’ the rest of my life but I wouldn’t have even made it out of the starting gate if it hadn’t been for mentors like you guys. Thanks. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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